Nowadays, many young people have Electric Skateboard, but every day, skateboarding is very easy to get dirty, so, can you wash the electric longboard?

The skateboard is generally impervious to water, especially the bearings. If the bearing meets water, it will rust, and when it rusts, it will not slide smoothly on the skateboard, and its life will be greatly reduced. If the board is wet, it will cause deformation of the board, stiffness reduction. If the sandpaper is touched by water, the sand on the surface will fall off quickly, and when you are playing skateboard, you will slip on your feet, which is very dangerous.

The Electric Longboard measures

If a skateboard accidentally touches water, it needs to be quickly rubbed off or shaken off. If it is bearing water, dry conditions after the best use of lubricant spray after oil, good maintenance. Dry the board as soon as possible after it is wet and dry in a ventilated place. If it is sandpaper with water, for their own safety, it is best to change a new. After the skateboard meets the water life will reduce the short greatly, in the daily electric skateboard time had better avoid has the water place and the rainy day.

The Electric Skateboard maintenance

For their own safety, it is best to carry out regular maintenance of skateboards. The bearing is serviced every two months. The bearing is removed and cleaned with a cleaning lubricant, followed by a layer of butter to make it rotate flexibly. Check the bolts in various parts of the skateboard regularly and tighten the loose bolts in time. In addition to check the slide on the sandpaper anti-skid effect, if wear more severe, had better change new sandpaper.

Skateboarding can train people's reflexes and agility, and improve their self-confidence. But many times, when people are playing skateboard, they accidentally hit the water or it rains, which makes the skateboard get wet.