How to choose your own skateboard

1. Choose your own board. My personal suggestion is to choose the Canadian maple board with 7 layers. Canadian maple is also very tough, so it is not easy to break the board, but if you choose wood or Chinese maple, it will be easy to break the board. The price of a maple board is relatively high (wood for Musical Instruments or sports equipment is mostly made
of Canadian maple), while the lower price is made of northeast maple or broken wood board (so don't trust the low-priced
skateboards on aliexpress, but if you play casually, I think the low-priced boards are more suitable).

2. Truck, of course, the lighter the better, as hard as possible, the carbon steel will be hard but more brittle, so the
the price will be lower, most better Truck is on the market for aluminum alloy, high hardness and lighter (not too
expensive), titanium alloy stent will be lighter and more hard, generic manufacturers can make air titanium alloy stent
prices are generally used in 500 + belong to high-end slippery.

3. The choice of the wheel, the wheels of the different style with different, used to brush street with suggesting you
choose the wheels of the soft, the wheels of the corresponding soft elastic would be higher, that general slide hand
habits do actions will choose 99 a - 102 - a hardness of wheels, the reason is that skateboard when landing is steady,
action is the success rate will be increased accordingly, choose the wheel is also vary from person to person. Choose the most suitable wheel for yourself and it will be much more comfortable to slide.

4. Bearing types have a lot of material can be divided into carbon steel, chrome steel, and ceramic, etc., made of carbon
steel material bearing the price will be relatively much cheaper, chrome steel prices will be lower, relative to the
ceramics bearings are best ceramic bearings, bearings are divided into ABEC, ILQ standard (1-11), such as numerical value
is high precision, the higher is better, as than ILQ ILQ - 9-8 will be better.

Finally to the choice skateboard style, each pattern represents a different style, the style is different from person to
person, sandpaper my personal recommendation for color, because of enough handsome, and then back pattern, heat transfer printing pattern to choose a few skull style will be better looking, but the back carving is also good.

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