Knowledge of skateboard wheels

Electric Skateboard Wheel of knowledge

The wheels need to be determined according to the site, and the corresponding wheels are selected for different sites. The quality of the wheel directly determines the quality of your ride. Pick the right wheel cool dead you, slide on the comfortable, pairs of action or. Pick the wrong hard to die you.

The shape of Electric Skateboard Wheels

Ball: ordinary ball wheel, can play any court.

Square type: pool use, surf of all useful square type of wheel, contact the area of the ground more big.

The size of the Electric Skateboard

It depends on the venue

Below 51: no need

51-53: common market

54-56: board games

56-59: add pool to skateboard field

59-64: pool plus pool

65-70: the mountain

Over 70: surfing

Electric Skateboard Wheels Hardness

High hardness speed, soft suitable for rougher ground.

99-101: ordinary skateboard market

92-97: pool

78-85: surfing down the mountain

Electric Skateboard Wheel Myth of hardness

Hardness: A,B,C,D. Skateboards are typically rated as A, with each level ranging from 0 to 100, with 0 being the softest and 100 the hardest. What we usually see as 101A is actually A nonexistent thing, because 100 is the hardest grade A, end of story, and if it's harder, it's measured by the BCD grade. At that time, the manufacturer was afraid that the use of other grades would cause a lot of slider confusion, so they came up with the hardness of 101A to represent the hardness than 100A. Now there are d-rated companies on the market.

The width of the Electric Skateboard Wheels

Narrow turn is more sensitive, do big chaos or shake, suitable for live fine. Wide for high speed, such as fields, pools, etc.

Skateboard Composite wheel

It is not recommended to use the kind of polyurethane on the outside of the wheel and the one on the inside of the heart, which will give play crack.

Skateboard Rubik's cube

Generally good wheel poly grease is more uniform and delicate is not easy to be grinding square, the wheel must be good, because the quality can be a lot worse. Spitfire's wheel is good, pig is good, but the best one is Powell's.

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