Onda V80 Plus Reviews ---The most value Tablet

Onda V80 Plus, known as the new benchmark of Tablet 99.9 USD, received great attention as soon as its public sale. This new Tablet in the current price of 99.9 USD in the market is quite attractive: such as 8.0-inch IPS screen with the resolution of 1920 × 1200 , the OGS touch screen at low-priced, superior quality all-metal body. These features also make it outstanding in the price of 99.9 USD. At the same time, Onda V80 Plus is equipped with Intel Atom X5 processor, 2GB RAM, 32GB ROM, Windows10 + Android 5.1 dual boot and other mainstream configuration, but also to ensure a good experience of using new products. 

Unpacking and appearance

Onda V80 Plus packaging design is very simple, only "tablet PC" words in the front and Onda logo on the upper left corner, the back of the sticker showing its ‘identity’ with detailed description of the product model, the main selling point, bar code and other information. Package box is very thin, which also shows that Onda V80 Plus is a thin tablet.
Uncovering the box, the internal use of the mezzanine protection design, which has effective protection of Onda V80 Plus during the transportation.
You can see the Onda V80 Plus random accessories, including: certificate, USB data cable, instructions and so on.

Onda V80 Plus uses a one-piece all-metal design and the body is tough and quite feel, while the back of the metal using anodizing,3D sandblasting and other processes, accompanied by champagne gold color, so it is more fashionable. Around the body is CNC cutting process, more comfortable in the visual and holding.

Onda V80 Plus’s body size is pretty good, with the narrow side frame, but also to reduce down the body to further increase the tablet in one-hand grip operation experience. 
Due to the OGS screen, so that the thickness reduced, only 8.9 mm thickness with only 330g weight, to maintain the mini-tablet portability.

A built-in front / rear camera set in the front and the back, and 2MP is enough to meet the needs of a simple video chat. The bottom of the border is the touch Win button, which is very practical. The side of the body is on / off and volume up / down buttons, with good feedback. The other side is the memory card slot, up to 128GB. The upper part is USB port, HDMI port and a headphone jack.

Screen performance

Onda V80 Plus equipped with 8.0 inch IPS LCD screen with resolution of 1920 × 1200.
Moreover, Onda V80 Plus also uses the OGS touch screen, so that has a obvious advantage in the clarity, permeability, touch response and so on.
OGS touch screen, that is single-chip touch panel OGS (One Glass Solution), a protective glass in the direct formation of ITO conductive film and sensor technology, a glass playing a protective glass and touch senor dual role at the same time. From a technical perspective, OGS technology is simpler, lighter, thinner, better translucent, which also better than current mainstream P + G, G + G touch technology, because of saving a glass substrate and the bonding process.
OGS technology and general screen technology comparison
From the above pictures, Onda V80 Plus OGS screen has a good performance in the picture clarity, color, full-angle display.

Windows10 + Android 5.1 Dual Boot

Onda V80 Plus equipped with the Intel Cherry Trail Z8300 processor, up to 1.84GHz, Eighth generation HD Graphics GPU, with 12 EU Core, 500MHz, twice the performance of the seventh generation GPU. 2GB RAM and 32GB ROM, not only can support TF card up to 128GB extended, but also ensure adequate storage space.

Onda V80 Plus built-in genuine Windows 10 OS + Android 5.1 system, dual system support switch in one-button.
Onda V80 Plus will default to Windows 10 OS, clicking switch icon on the desktop can easily switch to the Android OS, and switching speed is also very fast.
However, in the Android OS, you can drop down shortcut, and click switch button to switch to Windows10 system, it is convenient.

Onda V80 Plus dual system switching mode
Windows10 OS, returning to the traditional PC mode of operation, supporting Office Office suite, EXE program and IE browser, is very convenient in business office applications. 
In the Android OS, Onda V80 Plus has a built-in Onda ROM 2.0, and the overall experience is very smooth, with good interface optimization, comfortable design, quick click response, and smooth slide.

Onda V80 Plus also incorporates a number of User-friendly features, such as holding down the blank screen about two seconds then appear the following menu, which can easily switch themes and wallpaper and other operations, very convenient. In addition, due to a mode of operation, you can quickly organize and uninstall the application, long pressing the application that you want to uninstall directly onto the top of the uninstall icon that appears on the desktop, and click "OK", it is convenient.

Performance and game testing

The test of Onda V80 Plus is divided into Android and Windows10. From the AnTuTu Benchmark, Onda V80 Plus Android 5.1 OS’s test score is 57705, with good performance in aspects of CPU operation, memory performance, 3D graphics. It seems like pretty good for Intel Cherry Trail processor running Android system.

Test for Windows10 OS is used the most common test tool ‘Master Lu test’. It can be calculated by the computer on the CPU speed measurement scores and simulation of 3D game scenes obtained by the game performance evaluation scores of the overall calculation of income, the results can also show the comprehensive performance of your computer.

For the Tablet PC, the game is a must test option. Onda V80 Plus overall game performance is very good, almost no running sluggish, with impressive screen experience during the test of Android game ‘universal super god’ and ‘tribal war’. Switch to the Windows 10 system, Onda V80 Plus can play smoothly during ‘Cross Fire’ and ‘League of Legends’.
In the test of‘League of Legends’, Onda V80 Plus also performed well, the average number of frames in about 30 frames.

Office and entertainment applications

As a 2in1 Tablet PC,one of the main reasons for users to buy a Windows 10 tablet is is easy to use office applications.
After testing, Onda V80 Plus opening Office applications (word, excel, PPT) speed is very good, and editing experience also performs well. 
What worth mentioning is office must not forget to match a keyboard. Additionally, it is very smooth when editing the text and modifying the data, and it is a mini computer basically.

More comfortable operation with the keyboard in the Windows10 OS
Onda V80 Plus, equipped with 8.0-inch ultra-high-definition IPS display, despite the great color saturation of the screen and clarity, is definitely a good tablet to watch movies anywhere. In addition,Onda V80 Plus also equipped with a Mirco HDMI port, which make it easy to watch the video and file on the LCD TV .


Onda V80 Plus quickly became the most popular 8.0 inch tablet after its public sale. From my point of view, Onda V80 Plus has clear advantages in screen clarity, OGS touch screen, metal body. At the same time, Intel Cherry Trail Atom Z8300 processor, 12 Core HD graphics, 2GB RAM and other mainstream configuration, so that to ensure the smooth operation of the system and the game. There is no doubt that the Onda V80 Plus will be the first choice of a new Tablet in 99.9 USD.